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12 Burning Questions We Need The 'Friends' Reunion Special To Answer

It's 'the one where they all got back together!'
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The reunion special of Friends is officially happening, and everyone's weekend just got infinitely better. HBO Max will be releasing an untitled, unscripted, exclusive special with the original cast of everyone's favorite Central Perk gang. Jennifer AnistonCourteney Cox, Lisa KudrowMatt LeBlancMatthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will all be on screen again together for the first time since the show ended in 2004.

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It's been almost 26 years since the show began and 16 years since the show ended, but new generations have latched on to the timeless sitcom. Demand for a reunion special has been growing in recent years, and finally, the fans' wish has been granted.

"Guess you could call this the one where they all got back together," said Kevin Reilly, chief content officer at HBO Max.

And we guess you could say that they were only on a break. (See what we did there?)


There's still no confirmation as to when the special will air, but fans have some burning questions they need answered. And we've spent the last decade or so wondering what happened to the lives of Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey, so expect a lot of questions. Here are just a few of them: 

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  1. Did Ross and Rachel stay married? (Joey hinted that the two got remarried in his spin-off series.)
  2. Did Phoebe and Mike name any of their kids Princess Consuela Bananahammock?
  3. Did Joey finally settle down?
  4. Will the kids appear in the show? (Emma would be 18 now, and Jack and Erica Bing would be 16.)
  5. Where is everyone living now?
  6. Will they return to Central Perk?
  7. Who lives in Apartment 19 and 20 now?
  8. Will "Smelly Cat" make a surprise appearance?
  9. Does Joey still have Huggsy?
  10. What happened to Gunther?
  11. What happened to Janice?
  12. And more importantly, what happened to Ugly Naked Guy??

Could we be any more excited?


It might be months before the special airs, but the moment that theme song hits, we know we'll be in for an emotional, nostalgic ride.

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Ben Winston is tied in as director and executive producer of the special, alongside the original executive producers of the show, Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane, as well as all six original stars of the show.



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