From Head To Toys: Find The Perfect Father's Day Gift

In honor of Father's Day weekend, columnist Bianca Valerio offers practical yet awesome gift ideas for the men in our lives.

Father, boyfriend, brother, uncle, cousin, friend, officemate... They are the men in our lives who have brought us much love, happiness, stress, pain, flowers, unwanted pounds, butterflies, and even the stars, if the shoe fits!

Admittedly, finding the perfect gift for guys isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Besides romantic gestures, bedroom performances, and the promise of undying love, men will never tell you that, as much as they're suckers for hot and heavy or cheesy scenarios, they would love it even more if you added practical but awesome gifts to your list.

Launch the gallery to see our recommended gift ideas for your dad, your man, and the other guys you care about.

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