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Gabbi Garcia Says Sorry To A Fan She 'Ignored'

'I felt super bad.'
PHOTO: Instagram/_gabbigaria

Kapuso actress Gabbi Garcia took to Twitter to say sorry to a fan she wasn't able to have a photo with. 

The 19-year-old wrote in a series of tweets, "To the girl beside the resto at the ground floor of BGC Stopover, I saw you staring at me [and] I think you wanted to ask sana for a photo, I’m sorry I was super rattled with all my things + I was on the phone talking to my driver, 'cause apparently he’s been there waiting for me, so I had to run + I was trying to put my wallet inside my bag 'cause I just went to the ATM, plus I was holding a paperbag. I was super defocused! (sic) I felt bad huhu sorry!"

She added, "Before I went inside the car, I checked if u were still there, but I guess you left already. I’m really sorry!"


Fans reacted positively to the actress’ online testimonial and showered Gabbi with messages of support and praise.

One fan with the handle @renjosaur wrote, "Awww Gab, you're so sweet. I'm sure she will understand. And besides, this tweet makes up for so much more. Wish I was her haha!"

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Another fan,  @gabbiluvs, said, "There's [no need] to feel bad about it anymore, Gab! Don't worry about it na, once she's seen your tweet everything will be okay. Hope you can have a great night and cheer up!"


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