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Gabbi Garcia + Khalil Ramos Vlogs To Watch For A Dose Of ~*Good Vibes*~

They're so cute!
PHOTO: instagram/gabbi

How cute together are Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos? From food trips to travel vlogs to YouTube Q&As, the couple have been incredibly generous in sharing their relationship with their fans. Gabbi's YouTube channel recently hit 1 million followers—congrats, Gabbi!—and the actress even celebrated by doing a giveaway for fans!

If you need more Gabbi+Khalil content, Gabbi has an entire ~playlist~ of vlogs featuring herself and Khalil on her YouTube channel, but if you don't know where to start watching, here are some of our faves:

1. Check out behind the scenes content from the premiere night of #LSSTheMovie!

2. Probably one of the most-requested videos we all waited for: Relationship Q&A!


3. A video for foodies like Gabbi and Khalil, aka their Cebu food trip!


4. Gabbi and Khalil shared another couple-related video, discussing assumptions about their relationship on camera.

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5. Riding on the "fans made me do this" trend, the couple followed a fan-made itinerary during their trip to Ocean Park Hong Kong.

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6. A cute, more day-in-the-life vlog where Gabbi gets Khalil to cut his hair (gasp!) and the couple watch Daniel Caesar perform live!

7. Curious what Gabbi and Khalil got up to during their 2019 trip to Japan? Check out their travel vlog!

8. Since the first video did so well, Gabbi and Khalil let their followers control their day—again!

9. The pandemic has made dating and seeing your significant other IRL pretty difficult, so we definitely felt the kilig when these two reunited!

10. Need home photoshoot ideas? They've got you covered.

Bonus: This video was uploaded on Khalil's YouTube channel (subscribe if you haven't already)!



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