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Gabbi Garcia On Buying A New Car For Herself: 'Last year ko pa 'to hinihingi sa sarili ko'

'Iba yung tama nito kasi I was part of the whole process.'

In her latest vlog, actress Gabbi Garcia shared a special milestone she achieved this year: She got herself a new car! Although she's previously bought one for her and her family using her earnings as an artista, this new car purchase is extra special for the 22-year-old star.

According to Gabbi, her new ride, a Subaru XV, had a more sentimental value for her than her previous purchase because it was her first time making #adult decisions for a car she bought for own use. "Iba yung tama nito kasi I was part of the whole process," Gabbi shares in her vlog. "As in, my parents let me choose what car I want. They were like, it's up to me what I want, ako bahala kung babayaran ko ba siya in cash or I'm gonna loan it. They trusted me with this one. So mas tagos 'to." It was also something she's been hoping to get for herself for quite some time now. "Last year ko pa 'to hinihingi sa sarili ko." 

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She also shared that, although she bought a family car before using her Encantadia suweldo, she was underage then and wasn't exactly involved in the entire process of buying it. This time around, you'll see Gabbi herself signing papers for the car that she notes was a "katas" of her recent endorsements. It's also something she bought for personal use, a car she'll be driving herself as soon as she gets better at driving (She does have a driver's license, but she still needs to pass her father's own driving exam before she's allowed to drive on her own!).

On deciding which car to buy, Gabbi said she was initially choosing among five options: a Mercedes-Benz GLA, a Lexus UX, a Honda CRV, a Subaru Forester, and a Subaru XV which she ultimately went with because it matched her lifestyle and her taste best.

Although she was reluctant to vlog about her new investment, the young actress eventually decided to share the special milestone with her subscribers to also inspire them to fulfill their respective goals. 

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