Gabbi Garcia Prioritizes Paying For Her New Family Home Over Shopping

'Ang bigat nung down payment.'
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbi

At 20, Gabbi Garcia gifted her family with a new home in the south.

"In five years of showbusiness, I got to get a house with my family," the GMA-7 star told

Gabbi bought the 350 square-meter propety in Parañaque with the help of her mom Tes, a flight attendant.

The young actress continued, "I've put so much effort into this family project."

In 2018, Gabbi got down to making preparations for moving her family into a new home.

The Kapuso actress said, "Nandun ako sa stage na yun na parang, 'Oh my god, am I really ready for this?'

"This means I'm not going to have, like, no shopping for how many months, 'di ba?

"Kasi siyempre, the down payment is so, I mean, it's the truth, 'di ba? Ang bigat nung down payment.

"It's cash. So, sabi ko talaga, 'Okay, I feel like I'm ready for this with the help of my family.'

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"So, now, the hard part naman is the interior naman.

"You have to get furniture, you have to get the landscaping, so you have to budget everything.

"So as early as now, I'm experiencing everything."

Gabbi uploaded some photos of the family's new house back in February this year.

She also has her eyes set on something elseher dream home.

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"Iba pa yun! Iba pa yun!" the actress-performer immediately exclaimed. 

At the same time she has been finishing up the new family home, Gabbi has been saving up for her own place in the future.

She said, "When I finish this house, target ko talaga, sabi ko, 'Kailangan less than 10 years, ma-fully pay ko ito.'

"After that, siguro halfway through that, I'm going to get my own place as well.

"That's the dream before I turn, siguro 24, 25, I have my own place na for myself. Soon."

Any saving tips?

"If you need it, get it. If you don't need, then don't get it," she said about the changes in her shopping habits.

But the Kapuso star has also set up a reward system for herself. For every two endorsement deals, she would treat herself by shopping.

She said, "From time to time, if you deserve a bag or you deserve something na gustung-gusto mo for the longest time, then get it.

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"It's not bad to treat yourself once in a while."

And her major financial tip? 

Gabbi underlined, "Listen to your parents when it comes to saving. 

"My parents kasi are such big influences to me when it comes to saving."

Gabbi turned 20 on December 2.

What is she looking forward to at this time?

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Gabbi said, "My 20s will be about exploration, new adventuresme traveling, me discovering new things about me, about the people that surrround me.

"[The] 20s is about balancing my work, my career, my family and friends, and my personal life."


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