Gabbi Garcia Gives A Sneak Peek Inside Her Walk-In Closet

She's excited to celebrate Christmas in her new home!
PHOTO: Instagram/gabbi

Gabbi Garcia is very much excited to move into her family's dream home.

The 20-year-old GMA-7 actress and her parents, Tess and Vince Lopez, expect to be done fixing the interiors of their new home in just a few weeks.

On Sunday, September 8, Gabbi gave a sneak peek of her walk-in closet on Instagram.

She wrote, "My walk-in closet is starting to come alive! Check out these lovely architectural mouldings, supplied by @arta_technik, rhythmically patterned reliefs that gives character to my ceiling.

"Who says ceilings need to be boring? I can't wait to fill my space! #artatechnik_ph #GabbiForArtatechnik

"P.S. who's game for a walk-in closet tour??!!! will vlog soon once it's done!!! IM SOOO EXCITED!"

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In an interview with on Wednesday, September 4, Gabbi said her room and walk-in closet are her favorite spaces in the house.

Asked to describe the theme of these areas, she said, "My walk-in closet is almost done. It's more of the glam side naman. 

"And my room is tropical glam. Yung living room is very modern.

"Meron akong pagka-touch of emerald green because that's my lucky color."

Gabbi added that her love for the beach inspired her to go for a tropical-themed room.

She further explained, "I love the beach, I love going to the beach. And it shows who I am, very chill, very beach-lover, ayun."

Gabbi said she was very much involved in the planning of her walk-in closet interiors.

She told, "I made the walk-in closet not just for me but the whole glam team, you know. 

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"There's a lounge area, there's a TV, shoe area. And it tells a lot about me, my personality."

Gabbi said their new house has been their family's long-time dream, and she's glad that it has finally materialized. This is also why they are hands-on with the whole design process.

She explained, "It's one the dreams, e, so you have to be very hands-on.

"Matagal kasi yung process pa lang it's almost a year, and right now, we're down to our last month or last two months before we can move in."

Although her dad, Vince, has been very much on top of everything, Gabbi said the personal spaces reflect the taste of each family member.

The Kapuso actress told, "My dad is very hands-on 'cause my mom flies pa, e. She's a flight attendant. My dad talaga is ang pinaka-hands on.

"Yung interiors, siguro, it's more of our personalities, e. Talagang hindi nalalayo yung personalities namin sa rooms namin, sa area namin."

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With only a few weeks away before they move in, Gabbi has been looking forward to making new memories and celebrating the holidays with her family in their new house.

She said, "We're excited to spend our first Christmas there."


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