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Show Suzuki Aka Genieto Joins Macoy Dubs In Hit Astrology-Themed Podcast ‘Charot Readings’

Genieto joings Macoy Dubs in Charot Readings
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/, Summit Media/Charot Readings

If the first thing you do every morning is open your favorite horoscope website or podcast app to find out what the planets have in store for life, career, and ahem—love—then you’re not alone! With everything that’s happening in the world, gaining some guidance from the stars never hurt anybody—and Macoy Dubs’ hit podcast Charot Readings is solid proof!

Macoy Dubs in Charot Readings

The horoscope-centric podcast, the first one organized by Summit Media—is a go-to daily podcast of Gen Z and millennials alike, loved for its fun and unique take on a variety of astrology topics. It promises "saya, warla, payo, at gulo with extra dash of tarot." each episode!

And as if that’s not exciting enough, there’s also a new host in town! Last June 23, radio DJ and host Show Suzuki formally joined resident Ma’am Tarot (played by Macoy) as Genie-to, a very playful and “maharot” expert manifestor who offers the show’s listeners guided meditation and affirmations.

If Ma’am Tarot dispenses the daily advice, trust Genie-to to provide you with so-called ~remedies~ that can help you get through life’s challenges. We're loving their ~cute~ banter, too!

Charot Readings
Summit Media/Charot Readings
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Charot Readings has daily episodes so you can expect seven *super fun* episodes—one per zodiac—from Monday to Sunday for your dose of informative and entertaining forecasts straight from the astrology world's latest power duo.

Check out Charot Readings below:

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