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Genius Woman Makes Boyfriend Take A Beyonce Test To Keep Dating Her

He passed, but his knowledge of One Direction is still a little lacking.

There are lots of ways to test your compatibility in a relationship—an online test, Tinder, your Spotify playlist queue— but one woman has devised a foolproof way to determine whether or not a person is worth her time: Beyoncé.

Twenty-one-year-old Allie Davis recently made her boyfriend take a test about the Queen to see if he was really a keeper, asking that he score at least 60 percent to stay in the relationship. Though he mistakenly identified Beyoncé as a rapper, his knowledge of concerts Allie had attended helped him pass, and they are apparently still together. Way to go, guy!

Though some commenters immediately called for Allie's boyfriend to dump her for this questionable beyhavior, she made it clear that the quiz was mostly a joke. "I did it because I was bored and I like to mess with my boyfriend," she wrote on Twitteradding that she was a little thrown by people "who actually think my exam was 100 percent serious."

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Besides, he clearly cares about her enough to pay attention to what she thinks about the state of Harry Styles' hair, and that's love.

You can take Allie's quiz here and customize it to fit your own relationship needs (there are also questions about Bey-affiliated acts like Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, and Kanye West), or take a One Direction edition. Bonus points to any man who provides all the alternate spellings of "surfbort."

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