Gigi Hadid's Barbie Doll Looks Exactly Like Her

It's uncanny.
PHOTO: Getty

Lots of celebrity Barbie dolls look nothing like who they're modeled after, but Gigi Hadid's new doll is her spitting image. Like, her exact twin.

"Can't believe that's me !!!!!!!" Gigi wrote when debuting the to-scale lookalike on Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday. But, really, everyone believes it because it's seriously you in doll form, Gigi. On the fence? Here's a close-up to really illustrate the point.

"Thank you for this honor #Mattel @tommyhilfiger can't wait to have #BARBIE join us at the #TOMMYxGIGI show tomorrow!" she went on to say, referencing the fact that her tiny doppleganger will be joining her at the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in L.A. today.

Reminder: Gigi's doll could have looked like this.

Poor Emma Watson.

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