Gigi Hadid Gushing Over Zayn Malik's Mom's Cooking Is Super Cute

She prefers it to any fancy restaurant.
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If you fangirl over Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship as much as we do, you'll probably know that the ex-One Direction singer previously admitted he likes to woo the Victoria's Secret model with his cooking.

Which might be why she told British Vogue her favorite restaurant in the world isn't actually a restaurant at allbut rather Zayn Malik's mom's kitchen. Excuse us while we cry from the cuteness a little.

Back in November 2016, Zayn told Evening Standard Magazine that Gigi's favorite food is a mixture of British cuisine, and that she cooks a mean Yorkshire pudding. When asked what he makes for her, he commented: "Steak and potato pie, Sunday roast dinner and Yorkshire pudding. Yeah, she likes a good Yorkshire pudding."

Fast forward three months, and Gigi's been cooking exactly that, while talking about all things food. When asked to name her favorite restaurant in the whole world, she replied: "My boyfriend's mom's house", referring to Trisha's place in Bradford.

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This comes as Gigi shared a cute and candid photo of her and Zayn, who have been dating for over a year now, on her Instagram storiesand at this point, we're not entirely sure which one of them we'd like to date more.


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