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'Gilmore Girls' Fans Will Understand These Struggles

Like how you can never talk as fast as they do.
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1. No, you don't need coffee all the time. 

But fighting the urge to drink it is really hard. Also, you can't function as well as Lorelai after 15 cups.

2. Arguing with your BFF/boyfriend/mom about who Rory's one true love is. 

It's Jess. But really, it's herself. There, I said it.

3. On that note, arguing with that rare April fan. 

There's always that one April fan. And sorry, April, but you really put a damper on Luke and Lorelai's relationship.

4. Explaining what a Java Junkie is to a newb

To be fair, I'm pretty jealous of all the emotions this newb gets to experience while powering through all seven seasons on Netflix.

5. You want to go to Yale. 

Even though you're kicking major ass at a pretty cool job right now and you didn't need to go to Yale for it, you want to go to Yale, damn it.

6. You will never, ever get guys to fall in love with you like Rory could. 

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And all she needed to do was read a book!

7. On that note, you're still waiting for a guy to give you back a book fully annotated.

It's too bad no one reads real books anymore (which could explain no. 6). There is nothing romantic about annotating a Kindle. Is that even possible? Doesn't matter.

8. You can never talk as fast as the Gilmores. 

Or Kirk, even, no matter how hard you try and how many times you recite your favorite spat between Emily and Lorelai.

9. Hey, mom, it's me.

You know that voice telling you to call home more often? That's actually Lorelai and you're Rory. Call your mother. Call everyone.

10. The Dragonfly Inn only exists in dreams (and the Warner Bros. lot, I suppose).

Nothing on Airbnb is as cute or quaint. Life is so unfair.

11. You can't wait to have a daughter and give her your name. 

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Unless it's actually Lorelai, your name (and your daughter's nickname) will never sound as sweet.

12. You secretly want your boyfriend to build you a car, fix your house, and send you 1,000 daisies. 

What's a girl gotta do for 1,000 daisies?

13. It's not the show. It's you. 

You're constantly checking yourself because you swear you just heard a bunch of "ba-ba-ba's" and "la-la-la's." You wish your life was like the opening of a Gilmore episode.

14. On your worst day, you're relieved to know at least you're not having a meltdown on C-SPAN. 

Paris was never quite the same after that.

15. After eight years, the diner guy still doesn't know your name. 

But you've had so many cups of coffee! And doughnuts. So. Many. Doughnuts. Does this mean it's time for a new diner? Does this mean the Luke to your Lorelai is still out there?

16. You are not making any vacation plans until Netflix confirms when Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is premiering. 

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Obviously you need all the notice you can get to plan all the themed food and drinks you'll be serving. Pop-Tarts and coffee for everyone!

Update: The release date had been confirmed!!!


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