Wow! Glaiza De Castro Just Finished Her Three-Month Music Course In London

'My 16-year-old self would be so happy.'
PHOTO: Instagram/glaizaredux

Glaiza De Castro just finished her music course at the award-winning Point Blank Music School in London. 

For three months, the GMA-7 actress took a break from work to fulfill her longtime dream of studying music production.

"My 16-year-old self would be so happy to see that I've made her dream come true," Glaiza begins in her recent Instagram post.

"One of the biggest challenges of coming up with this decision to study music was leaving my job (for a while), not just to step out of my comfort zone but to not focus too much on 'earning money.'

"Sure, we do need it, but joy (not just happiness) doesn't always come from that."

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The experience has taught her "to be kind to yourself" and to not "forget what your soul needs." 

Glaiza continues in her Instagram post: "Whenever I tell people I'm from the Philippines, some of them would say that Filipinos are one of the most hardworking people they know. I agree.

"But they'd add, 'sometimes they also forget to be generous to themselves.'

"We will all have different takes on this. But no matter what you're doing, be kind to yourself.

"Work hard but too hard that you forget what your soul needs. It doesn't cost too much sometimes.

"So go, enjoy living and fulfill that dream of yours."

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In an interview with in August 2018, Glaiza revealed she was supposed to go back to school in 2012.

The Kapuso talent was set to enroll at the De La Salle University but had to put it on hold due to a TV project.

Then in 2018, after her show Contessa wrapped up, Glaiza finally decided to pursue her studies. 


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