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Gossip Girl Star Taylor Momsen Posed Nude For Her Album Cover

What do you think of this album cover: artsy or trashy?

Taylor Momsen insists she doesn't use her sexuality to shock.

The 20-year-old singer posed naked for the front cover of her band The Pretty Reckless' upcoming album Going To Hell record, causing a storm on social media when she posted the artwork.

On the LP sleeve, Taylor is seen showing off her back which has a giant cross emblazoned on it with an arrow pointing to her bare bottom, but she is adamant the risqué pose is artistically motivated.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: "Everyone was like, 'Woah, she's naked.' But everything I do has an artistic purpose behind it, from clothing to my new record cover. I don't set out to shock—I've definitely matured and evolved. I'm just a person, I make art. My sexuality is there for a reason; it's not just about lewdness."

The former Gossip Girl actress admits she was perplexed by her sexuality in her teens but used clothes and fashion to learn about herself.

She explained: "In the beginning it was me in corsets and stripper heels and all that—I was a kid, everyone thought it was so shocking because I was young and you have to be older to wear that stuff.

"I was a kid confused about sexuality and all of that and expressing that confusion in all of it. I think all teenagers express themselves in that way, I was just being very overt about it."

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