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Everything You Need To Know About The Members Of GOT7

Are you ready to be part of their ~green ocean~?
Your guide to know the members of K-pop boy group GOT7: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

GOT7 are six-year-old K-pop greats who continue to exude the cool kid swagger they debuted with in 2014. They're one of the most consistent boy groups when it comes to releasing top quality music and performances. So, if you're new into the Ahgase fandom or are curious to know more about GOT7's vast discography, read on below, and, before you know it, you'll also be part of their ~green ocean~.

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In January 2014, JYP Entertainment debuted their new seven-piece hip hop boy group GOT7: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. Out of the seven members, three passed JYP's global auditions from the US (Mark), Hong Kong (Jackson), and Thailand (BamBam). GOT7's debut single, "Girls Girls Girls", showcased each members' natural swag and charm with cool hip hop and R&B beats.


They've proven time and time again that they are powerful live performers with their signature choreographies that are a mix of street dancing and martial arts. Even better? GOT7 has been known to sing live in spite of their complex dance routines. Check out their stable vocal prowess for their performance of "If You Do" in MAMA 2015:

GOT7's fanbase quickly spread across the globe in the succeeding years, particularly in the US. To promote their 2019 EP, SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY, GOT7 were invited on the Today Show and performed the English version of their title track "Eclipse". At that time, they were the first-ever K-pop group to perform on the morning show.

But apart from performances, GOT7 members have grown to be hands-on in the production and conception of their albums through the years. For their latest EP, Dye, which was released in April 2020, each member had a hand in writing the music and lyrics and arranging the songs in the album.

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GOT7 has accomplishments that shouldn't be underestimated, yes, but what makes them even more special is the solid bond they share with each other. Get to know more of the GOT7 members below!


JB: Leader, vocalist, dancer, center

26-year-old JB is the leader of GOT7 and has a steely and intimidating presence in public. But in real life, he is an absolute softie. He takes on the role of a patient paternal figure to the six other members. JB is the group's most active lyricist and has a slew of tracks under his beltnot only for GOT7 but for other external projects as welland uses the pseudonym Defsoul. A former b-boy, JB actually debuted prior to GOT7 as part of the JYP duo JJ Project with Jinyoung. They released the title track, "Bounce", in 2012 and dropped an EP, Verse 2, in 2017 with JB and Jinyoung already as part of GOT7.


Mark: Rapper, vocalist, visual

Mark, 27, is the oldest member of the group but doesn't have a domineering quality over the younger membershe actually prefers to feel like one of them. He is Taiwanese-American and because of his fluency in English is the de facto interpreter when it comes to international press interviews. Mark is also heavily involved in writing his own rap lyrics for GOT7. Apart from the group, Mark has a growing fanbase in China as a host and solo singer. From 2019 to 2020, held his first fan meet tour, titled On Your Mark, across major cities in China.


Jackson: Rapper, dancer, vocalist, face of the group

There really is no one more extra in GOT7 than Jackson. The 26-year-old is unapologetically loud and charismatic, making him one of the most recognizable figures in variety shows. But not everything is fun and games for Jackson because he's an incredibly hard worker and has become widely popular in China over the last few years. Not only does he have his own streetwear brand, TEAM WANG, and appear frequently on Chinese television shows, but he also has a successful solo music career. In 2019, he released his first full-length solo album, Mirrors, and in September 2020, he dropped the single, "Pretty Please".  


Jinyoung: Vocalist, rapper, visual, center, face of the group

26-year-old Jinyoung is equally caring and sassy to his members. He's one-half of the parental figures of GOT7, the other being JB. Jinyoung is an all-around talent and effortlessly delivers whether on stage or on cam. He is also a rising Korean drama actor who's been making appearances on the small screen since 2012. Jinyoung recently landed two dramas where he played lead roles: 2019's He Is Psychometric and 2020's When My Love Blooms. He is in talks to star in Devil Judge, a tvN drama slated for an early 2021 release.


Youngjae: Vocalist

Youngjae really has the brightest and most infectious personality in GOT7. The 24-year-old only trained for less than a year before debuting, but his clear vocals are proof that he was meant to perform on the big stage. In 2016, Youjngae started writing songs and lyrics for GOT7 songs under the pseudonym Ars. He's also sung OST for several dramas and most recently got a stint as a DJ on MBC Radio's Radio Idol. Youngjae's next project is definitely something to be excited about: He's officially cast in the upcoming Netflix sitcom So Not Worth It.


BamBam: Rapper, vocalist

BamBam, 23, just oozes self-confidence. A gifted dancer since he was young, BamBam was introduced to K-pop early on in Thailand and moved to Korea to kick off his career. He's playful, energetic, and is one of the most sociable members of GOT7. BamBam has become a source of pride for his home country Thailand and is a brand ambassador for a variety of local brands. Apart from his celebrity status, BamBam has a talent in video production and has released two videos which he filmed, edited, and produced himself: My Year 2018 and Feel It, See It.


Yugyeom: Dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae

22-year-old Yugyeom is GOT7's power dancer. Although he's the youngest in the group, his way of showing his affection to his older members is by making fun of them. Yugyeom got more popular among Korea's general public when he joined and won the idol dance show, Hit The Stage, in 2016. He also debuted as part of GOT7's sub-unit, Jus2, with JB in 2019. They released an EP, Focus, along with the title track "Focus On Me".


Got you interested, right? *wink* So scroll down for more of GOT7's music!


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