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People Are Shipping Gretchen Ho And Atom Araullo

Why the heck not?!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/gretchenho, (RIGHT) Instagram/atomaraullo

Gretchen Ho and Atom Araullo, former co-hosts of Umagang Kay Ganda, are two of the most good-looking and whip-smart journalists in our country, so why haven't they been shipped until now?

We're not entirely sure, BUT what we do know is that they shared this confusingly sweet Valentine's Day exchange on Twitter.

Gretchen first tweeted a picture of her surrounded by hearts, saying "Waiting for my Lifetime Valentine *heart emoji*"

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Atom then replied to her tweet with "Stop this now."

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OK… What do you mean, Atom?!?!

Gretchen was just as confused as the whole Twitterverse, so she replied with a series of question marks.

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This brief exchange resulted in the Twitterverse shipping them hard:

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We still don't know what this all means—and if their tweets mean anything at allbut it's nice to daydream about them being together, no? #kilig