This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Celeb Pictures And They Look Real AF

Ang dami niyang time, tbh. LOL!
PHOTO: Instagram/averagerob

Instagrammer Average Rob looks like he's your favorite celebs' #1 BFF until you realize his posts were just sprinkled with Photoshop fairy dust. According to his IG, he's just a "mediocre dude from Belgium." 

He has close to 200,000 followers on Insta, and honestly, we're suprised he hasn't hit a million 'cause these photos make him seem like the funniest guy on the planet. 

Rob told INSIDER that Average Rob is "an exaggerated version of himself" who "likes to make a fool of himself in order to make people laugh." He wanted to make glamorous photos look more realistic: "I try to be as relatable and close to reality as possible. You're not going to see [me] look pretty [in] any of my pictures."

Just trying to keep up with Lady Gaga:

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Noods with Ryan Gosling:

NBD, just casually hanging with Hollywood's new golden couple:

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The rumors are true. KimYe has a surrogate:

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Rob in what may be the best threesome ever: 

Killin' time before Taylor's next takeover:

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