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Guys, Chill. There Is NOTHING Going On Between Erwan Heussaff And Jasmine Curtis-Smith

Anne Curtis finally speaks up about the whole Snapchat snafu.

When Jasmine Curtis-Smith posted this on her Snapchat account, the interwebz went WILD:

The snap has already been deleted, but this screencap we got from showed Jasmine with her sister's boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff, in a sweet embrace, with Erwan appearing to be kissing her cheek. 

Fans rushed to Anne's defense, saying she didn't deserve to be betrayed by her sister and boyfriend. Suffice it to say that bashers had a field day when that snap came out. 

Anne finally tweeted a statement about the craziness of it all, saying it is a "non-issue," and that Erwan has known Jasmine since she was 13 years old and that people should just stop all the "viciousness being thrown" at the people she loves. Here's her full statement: 

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Was there really something wrong with what Jasmine posted on Snapchat? You have to remember: it came from Jasmine, so why in the world would she share that if she were really doing something malicious? So people, you need to chill. There is such a thing as brotherly (or sisterly) love. 

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