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16 Guys On Their Favorite Rom-Coms

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Rom-coms are an under-appreciated genre. People obviously watch and love them, but they're not exactly all over the ballot come award season. It's also usually considered a genre marketed mostly towards women. But that sure as hell doesn't mean that guys can't have strong feelings on them. Because they do. They might not talk about it a lot, but they do.

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

“It's a really good breakup movie. It's funny, it has a lot of heart, and I like that the lesson is that these two people needed to focus on fixing themselves first. They weren't going to fix each other." —Will, 28

2. Anything John Hughes

"My mom and I used to have movie nights when I was growing up, so I'm a sucker for anything John Hughes. We went through an '80s movie phase and all that stuff still makes me nostalgic." —Alex, 27

3. Love, Actually

"I have no problem watching Love, Actually every Christmas. Even if I don't really get why two people who don't speak the same language would get married, it's funny and the guy from The Walking Dead is in it." —Scott, 28

4. America's Sweethearts

"Anything with John Cusack. [This] one with Christopher Walken where they're making a movie but he debuts some crazy documentary instead, made me laugh a lot." —Kyle, 28

5. Titanic

"I wanted to say Titanic but apparently that doesn't count as a 'rom-com.' [It's] so good though because the first half of the movie is all romance and the second half is mostly action." —Seth, 28


6. Say Anything

"It's been a while since I've seen it, but it's pretty great." —Owen, 27

7. The Wedding Singer

"I know a lot of people hate this movie, but I have a soft spot for The Wedding Singer. The song he sings at the end makes me tear up every time." —Nick, 27

8. Anything Nicholas Sparks

"I don't own the movies or anything, but I'll always watch them when my girlfriend tells me to. The nice thing is she thinks I don't like them, so then I get to pick the next movie." —Pete, 28

9. Hitch

"It just ticks off the boxes for me. It's goofy and light enough, but honestly, I just think its that Will Smith can make anything watchable." —Aaron*, 27

10. Anything Matthew McConaughey

"Remember when, like right before True Detective, Matthew McConaughey made a bunch of rom-coms? I saw all of them." —Eric, 28

11. Love, Actually

"I think what works for me about it is that it doubles as a Christmas movie. So you get a two-for-one when you need to watch something romantic around the holidays." —Tom, 26

12. Jerry Maguire

"Jerry Maguire. No question. It's not just a good rom-com, it's a good movie." —Jake, 27

13. Just Friends

"I think [it's] pretty underrated. It’s got a great cast, plus Anna Farris playing a crazy pop star. And it's sort of cheesy but that's part of the charm." —Marc, 28

14. Serendipity

"F*cking Serendipity! It's so good. What a great premise. Plus, it taught me a whole new word." —Kevin, 28

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15. Sweet Home Alabama

"I think it's one of the few movies where I thought maybe they won't actually get together in the end." —Max, 27

16. Notting Hill

"It's a classic. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant at the top of their rom-com game." —Rob, 26

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