Check Out Hailey Baldwin’s Bridal Shower!

Mrs. Bieber has arrived.
PHOTO: Instagram/haileybieber
  • Hailey Baldwin was spotted celebrating her bachelorette party with friends including Kendall Jenner in Los Angeles last night.
  • Hailey and Justin Bieber are reportedly having an official wedding ceremony on September 30 in South Carolina.
  • The couple are already technically married thanks to a civil ceremony that took place in New York City last year.

It’s happening!!!! And by that I mean Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s wedding is right around the corner and Hailey just celebrated her bachelorette party in anticipation. According to the Daily Mail, Hailey and her friends—including Kendall Jenner—wandered around West Hollywood and hit several spots including Delilah nightclub with a fleet of fun accessories like penis-shaped bottles.

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Hailey wore a white minidress and—naturally—a bridal veil for the occasion, and honestly, she looked super happy and excited to be there.

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TMZ reports that Hailey and Justin are getting married this coming weekend in South Carolina—and they were spotted there as recently as August:

As a reminder, the two are already technically married thanks to a New York City civil ceremony in September 2018. Their South Carolina wedding is expected to include close family and friends and will reportedly take place in a church. It was rescheduled several times so Justin could deal with his emotional health and well-being, but he seems to be in a good place and the couple is clearly excited about making their already official marriage even more official.

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