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Where You've Seen 'A World Of Married Couple' *Kontrabida* Han So Hee Before

PHOTO: (LEFT) A World Of Married Couple/JTBC/VIU, (RIGHT) Money Flower/MBC

A World Of Married Couple, also known as The World Of The Married, just surpassed Itaewon Class as the second highest-rated JTBC drama in history! One of the characters who interest—and irritate—viewers the most is Han So Hee's Da Kyung, aka *the mistress*.

Here's a rundown of 25-year-old So Hee's TV shows: 

1. Reunited Worlds (2017) 

Han So Hee plays a minor role as fashion journalist Lee Seo-won. According to Viu, this drama tells the story of Hae Sung (Yeo Jin Goo), a student who disappeared after a mysterious accident. He comes back 12 years later but still has the appearance and personality of a 19-year-old. 

Where you can watch it: Viu 

2. Money Flower (2017) 

Money, greed, and revenge dictate the lives of the characters in this drama. Han So Hee's role is named Seo-won, the secret lover of aspiring CEO Jang Boo-cheon (Jang Seung Jo). 

3. 100 Days My Prince (2018)

Han So Hee plays the role of So-hye, the Crown Princess who was forced into an arranged (note: loveless) marriage with Crown Prince Lee Yul (EXO's Do Kyungsoo). When someone attempts to assassinate the prince, he disappears for 100 days under a new name and personality. 

Where you can watch it: Viu

4. Abyss (2019) 

In this drama, two people who die before their time are given a second chance at life. But here's the catch: They look totally different from their OG physical bodies. Han So Hee plays the role of Jang Hee Jin, the fiance of rich but unattractive Cha Min. Abyss reveals that Hee Jin also has a pretty dark past. 


Where you can watch it: Netflix 

5. A World Of Married Couple (2020) 

This ~twisted~ K-drama is about a marriage that falls apart due to betrayal. Kim Hee Ae plays Ji Sun Woo, a family doctor, while Park Hae Joon plays her husband Lee Tae Oh. So Hee takes on the role of Da Kyung, Tae Oh's mistress.

Where you can watch it: Viu 


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