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Most People Want To Go As Harley Quinn This Halloween, According To Google

No surprise here.
PHOTO: Suicide Squad/Warner Bros

Still searching for a costume for that Halloween party you're going to? This list may give you some ideas!

According to Frightgeist—a Halloween-themed Google Trends platform—costume ideas for Harley Quinn of Suicide Squad is trending across the US.

A feature notes that based on the Frightgeist interactive map, Harley Quinn costumes are "especially popular in cities like Seattle, Chicago, and New York."

Here's the list of the top 20 trending Halloween costumes for 2016:

1. Harley Quinn
2. Joker
3. Superhero
4. Pirate
5. Wonder Woman
6. Witch
7. Batman
8. Star Wars
9. Clown
10. Dinosaur
11. Mermaid
12. Pikachu
13. Zombia
14. Minnie Mouse
15. Deadpool
16. Vampire
17. Posion Ivy
18. Princess
19. Minions
20. Unicorn

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