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Harry Styles + Adele Were Seen On Vacation Together, Now People Are Freaking Out Over A Potential Collaboration

This MUST happen!
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  • Harry Styles and Adele were seen on vacation together in the Caribbean.
  • Fans now think that they're working on a collaboration, which would be AMAZING.

While we were all just minding our own business and trying to live our best 2020 lives, Harry Styles and Adele decided to blow up the internet by going on vacation together. And honestly, I'm not mad about it!

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The celebs were spotted on vacation together in Anguilla in the Caribbean, and while some initially speculated that the two might be dating (which, can two people not just hang out without sleeping together??), now people are thinking that Adele and Harry might be working on some sort of collaboration. And, as you might have already guessed, Twitter is absolutely spiraling over the possibility. I mean, can you imagine how amazing a Harry/Adele song would be? That is 100% the energy that I'm manifesting this year!

Fans are freaking out and showing their support for whatever Adele and Harry might be working on, and Tweeting things like "adele and harry styles can carry the whole music industry by doing a collaboration" and "I'm just kind of waiting @Adele and @Harry_Styles to record the ultimate heartbreak song together so that it can reach number 1 on the charts and then take over the world actually :)" And I've gotta say—it's not like these people are wrong!!

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But of course it was more that that, and fans also tweeted things like:

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I guess I should also mention that Daily Mail reports that James Corden is also on this beach vacation getaway with Harry and Adele which kinda throws a wrench in the collaboration theory, but I'm not about to let that ruin my hopes and dreams and neither should you!


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