Harry Styles' New Song Is Here, And We're Assuming It's Autobiographical

Sing us to sleep, you beautiful man.
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After appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone like the rock god in training that he is, Harry Styles is back with another new single from his debut album Harry Styles, out May 12. This one is titled "Sweet Creature," and it's ostensibly a love songbut you can also just pretend it's autobiographical and that he knows how beautiful he truly is.

This is the third solo song Harry has blessed the world with, after "Sign of the Times" and "Ever Since New York," the latter of which he debuted on Saturday Night Live. "Sweet Creature" is the most subdued of the songs, and consists only of Harry's vocals and some acoustic guitar. Unfortunately there's no music video yet, but there is this audio-only YouTube clip, which every so often shows water dripping down Harry's back. YAAAAAS.

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