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Have You Heard Of Visible Penis Lines?

It is a real thing and isn't acceptable in fashion, apparently.

Have you ever wondered how male models always seem to have perfect bulges on the runway and in photos? Like, not everyone can be that genetically gifted right?

Apparently, there is a simple hack to achieve just that and it is super unexpected.

Underwear supermodel Max Emerson created a series of instructional videos for “young aspiring underwear supermodels all over the world” and decided to tackle the issue of “Visible Penis Lines” or VPL. According to Max, VPL is “the unsightly outline of a guy’s junk showing through his underpants.”

Max also shares that VPLs are simply not acceptable in the fashion industry as “industry standard dictates a smooth cup with no hint of scrotum and head or shaft visible.” 

So here’s Max with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Willam Belli to show us how it’s done. You will NEVER look at sliced bread the same way ever again.




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