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Aww, Hayden Kho Gets *Sentimental* As Scarlet Snow Finishes Kindergarten

'Time flies so fast.'
PHOTO: instagram/dochayden

We all know that Scarlet Snow Belo is a daddy's girl and, true enough, her dad Hayden Kho got extra sentimental in a recent Instagram post. On May 18, Hayden proudly posted his six-year-old daughter wearing a toga to commemorate her finishing kindergarten. Writing in the caption, he said, "Time flies so fast. Our once-so-little @scarletsnowbelo is now 6yo and has just finished kindergarten today. I'm very proud of hershe's learned a lot from her teachers."

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But then Hayden talked about how he felt "melancholy" over Scarlet's milestone and pondered if it would have made more of a difference if he "spent even more time with her." Aww!

"However, I'm feeling a little melancholy," he wrote. "What kind of child would she be if [I] had spent even more time with her? If I actually really focused on teaching her everything I think she needs to know to mature into the Christlike person I'd like her to be, what would she be like? Life involves a lot of challenges, struggles, and compromises. Lord, please keep me from tampering with the inviolables."

In her own Instagram, Scarlet posted two adorable ~graduation~ snaps and wrote "crushed pre-school and made my parents proud" in her first post.

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She went on to thank all her teachers in her second post, saying, "Pre-school was so much fun. I started so small but now I'm bigger and I know a lot more. Thank you to all my loving teachers who were very patient with me. Thank you for always making sure I really understand what you're trying to teach me. I will miss you a lot!"

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Congrats, Scarlet! XOXO


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