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Heart Evangelista Just Told A Basher: 'Please think before you type. It's embarrassing.'

What is sassy!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

While in China for a project she’s yet to reveal, Heart Evangelista continues to grace us with her sophisticated looks on Instagram. Yesterday, January 18, she posted a selfie where she sports winged eyes, a bright orange-red lip, and a thick leopard-printed coat. She captioned it, “Cozying up in China’s chilly weather.”

However, not everyone was pleased with the photo. A user commented, “You always say you love animals and yet you continue to contribute to their pain and [suffering] by wearing them. Just please stop saying you love animals, [because] you don’t or you’re a speciesist.” (FYI, “speciesist” is a term used by animal rights activists against people who discriminate against certain species.)

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Heart, who keeps her cool even when replying to haters, decided to give the user a piece of her mind—and it was savage.

The actress replied, “It’s faux fur from Topshop. So before you bash, think. [Please] think before you type. It’s embarrassing.”

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Heart was later back to her warm and friendly self, though. When another user cheered her on for slamming the hater, Heart replied in part, “I will never be perfect and I will never try to be the person ‘they’ want me to be. I am who [I] am, and as long as I don’t step on anyone and [I] try my best to do good in my own little corner of this world, then I am fine. Hayaan na natin siya.” 

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