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Heart Reveals She's 'Totally Strangers' With Chiz's Ex-Wife

'I don't want any kind of complications.'
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista rarely talks about the past of her husband Senator Chiz Escudero. The two have been happily married since February 2015, but Heart has always kept quiet about her hubby's previous marriage to singer Christine Flores.

But in a recent interviw with on the set of her GMA series My Korean Jagiya, Heart opened up about her relationship with Chiz's ex-wife and admitted to not having any form of communication with her as she believes it is "for the best." "I think it's good for us that we don't know each othertotally strangers, no communication," she said.

Heart also thinks that she and Christine would rather be better off not being friends: "Ayoko na lang. It's just that I don't want—let me rephrase my statement. [It's] not that I don't want, but I don't want any kind of complications."

For Heart, the important thing is to create a happy home for her husband and Chiz's twins (from his previous marriage), who have been in their custody from the start.

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"In fairness sa kanila, they're smart, they're mature, they don't talk about it so much," she said about the twins Chesi and Quino, who were only four years old when their parents separated.

"They were very, very young when they separated. Kumbaga, ako 'yung woman na nakikita nila with their dad na may muwang na sila." The twins were about to turn eight years old when Heart and Chiz got married in Balesin Island in 2015.

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