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Yup, Heart Evangelista And Chiz Escudero Have Separate Bank Accounts And A Prenup

'I'm very happy with that freedom that I don't have to share an account with him.'
PHOTO: INstagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista is a reformed shopper. If in the past, the actress admitted to not knowing how much she spends or where her money goes, Heart is now trying to keep a tighter hold on her purse strings.

"Everything in my life is budgeted," she told after an event on November 6. "I started mga three years ago."

It was not an easy task, but Heart had to do it because she knew of the consequences.

"Before, when I started to hold my own money, I never really budget anything. But I saw the outcome, and it wasn't good. So, I do have a set budget." 

Setting a budget for daily needs and occasional wants was one of the many financial tips Heart learned from her husband, Senator Francis "Chiz" Escudero.

She continued, "You just need to know when to stop [buying] and, again, as my husband would always say, 'Anything on sale, if you don't need it, is expensive.'"

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Heart countered the idea that she is a spoiled wife by revealing it was Chiz who insisted for her to manage her own finances.

"A lot of people have this misconception that I'm being babied or I'm so well taken care of, but it's actually tough love with Chiz," the GMA-7 actress-host remarked.

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She then revealed that they do not have a joint account in the bank.

"I think it's good that we don't because sometimes hindi ako makatakas when I really want to be irresponsible and buy something. He'll always question my purchases, hindi ko naman daw kailangan. So, I'm very happy with that freedom that I don't have to share an account with him."

But being husband and wife, Heart can still count on Chiz for help when she needs it. 

She said, "In the house, we have two trayshis bills and my bills. Sometimes I make lipat some bills na hindi ko na talaga kaya."

"[Handling my own finances] really made me into a better person. I've learned so much from him."

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In October, Heart and Chiz became a trending topic on YouTube when the Kapuso actress uploaded her vlog, "Adulting 101 with Sen. Chiz Escudero."

The 22-minute video featured Heart asking the senator questions about love, career, and money.

During their exchange about investments, Heart and Chiz spoke briefly about their financial set-up.

Chiz first advised Heart's subscribers, "Before you can invest, you should first save. No money to invest with if you don't save."

He then recalled the first time he told Heart to open a bank account on her own.

Addressing his wife, Chiz said, "In your case, I remember umiiyak ka nung pinapunta kita sa bangko para mag-fill out ng form.

"I wanted you to do it from the start. Open an account, sign your own checks, know the balances... You have to go through the nitty-gritty so that you know exactly how much you're earning, and it'll hurt if you spend."

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The senator suddenly added, "By the way, we have a prenup. What's hers is hers, what's mine is also hers."

Heart revealed it was the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who suggested the prenuptial agreement.