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Heart Evangelista Gets Emotional While Talking About Motherhood With Her Sister Camille

PHOTO: Youtube/Love Marie Escudero

Heart Evangelista debuted a new series for her vlog and YouTube channel called "Dear Heart," and it gives her a platform to share more about her personal life.

For its first episode, Heart brought in her older sister, Camille Ongpauco, to talk about sisterhood and everything sisters talk about, including motherhood.

"We were supposed to give birth at the same time. Our babies would have had the same birthday," Heart revealed as Camille shared how being a mom to her baby girl, Isabella Ongpauco Wolff, has changed her life for the best.


In August 2018, Heart suffered a miscarriage. Her first ultrasound showed she was supposed to have twins, but one embryo didn't develop. Just as her pregnancy hit the three-month mark, the baby, Mira, lost her heartbeat.

The pregnancy loss prompted the actress to take it one day at a time and focus more on her fashion, art, and vlogging.

Heart felt like she still gave birth when her sister did, and Camille also believes that the soul of Heart's baby's lives in her daughter.

"Or it can also be parang kinausap muna niya yung baby mo na..." Heart suggested. "Mauna ka muna," Camille chimed in, and then also went on to say that her daughter is helping prepare Heart for her motherhood journey.

"Feeling ko kaya unang pinadala si Bella is parang pine-prepare siya [to become a mother]," Camille said.

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Camille is happy whenever she sees Heart and Bella together. "Parang I'm kampante na I know she'll raise Bella also the same way. Without saying, she'll raise her and love her the same way that I love my daughter," she explained.

"So I can't wait [for Heart to have children]. Alam ko it's practice for her kaya excited na ako," Camille added. "Sana lang boy para yung mga Hermes [na bags kay Bella na lang]," she quipped.

Watch Heart's vlog below and check out the 21:41 mark to jump to the topic of motherhood.


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