LOL At Heart's Reaction To A Twitter User Comparing Her Dancing ~Skillz~ To GirlTrends'

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Heart Evangelista is a super established personality in the showbiz, fashion, and art worlds and has worked her way up to get to where she is right now. That's why it is SO AMUSING to see throwback clips of a bb Heart during her days as a budding artista. We all know Heart got her big break on the 2000s teen show G-Mik as Missy, and recently, a throwback video of Heart during that time made the rounds on Twitter.

In the clip uploaded by Twitter user @kyliedgreat, we can see a teenaged Heart ~dancing~ on what looks like a variety show with other young stars at that time. (Check out their super 2000s 'fits.) In the caption, the Twitter user pointed out her adorably ~unsynchronized~ dancing skills and compared them to that of GirlTrends. ICYDK, the It's Showtime girl group became internet-famous after their super uncoordinated performance videos went viral!

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"Pa-request naman kami ng dance collab mala ganito @heart021485 GirlTrends who??" wrote @kyliedgreat.

And, of course, this tweet didn't go unnoticed by Heart. Tweeting back, Heart said, "Hahaha giling was never my forte! Hahah mag-paint ka na lang baby Hearty!"

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We stan an ~aware~ kween!

Heart went on to explain more about the video when another Twitter user commented that she was "kulang lang sa practice." She revealed that she was 15-ish when this was taken and that she didn't know that dancing was a requirement in being an artista!

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"This was one of my first performances ever. I think I was 15! 'Di pa talaga ako marunong niyan! Gusto ko lang maging part ng G-Mik and didn't know kasama pala sa package deal ang pagsayaw!"

LOL, gotta love this woman!

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