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Heart Evangelista Tells Us Her Favorite Part In *That* Viral Ad

Here's her reaction to 'Hurt Evangelista!'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/iamhearte; (RIGHT) Facebook/Orocan

Two days ago, a plastic products manufacturer published a video on its Facebook page which has gone super viral.

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a parody of Heart Evangelista showcasing the company's icebox just like how she shows her luxury bags in her YouTube videos.

The video features actor, host, and makeup guru Paolo Ballesteros transformed as “Hurt Evangelista.” In the video, Hurt shares how she uses the product to stow her makeup, some of the products she endorses, and other essentials. The skit even featured a walk-in closet, an actor to play Chiz Escudero, as well as a version of Heart’s dog, Panda.

We just had to get Heart’s reaction to the video, and here’s what she had to say:

What did you think about the ad in general?

“I thought it was very cute and witty. It was just really, really nice and flattering that they had a little note on a billboard for me. It’s really, really cute.”

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How do you feel about being a “peg” for this?

“Super flattered. Actually, I really am. They put so much thought into it and they got everything right, even how I deliver my lines and even like the details of me painting a bag. Also the Chiz part was really, really funny.”

What made you laugh the most?

“I thought that was hilarious because they really got somebody who was always body-wise was like Chiz. And also the Pandog. ‘Pandog!’ That was really, really funny.”

The ad has garnered thousands of views and shares since its posting.

Watch the ad here:

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