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Heart Evangelista Says She's Ready To Get Pregnant Again

Heart got emotional talking about her desire to have a baby.
Heart Evangelista ready for pregnancy
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Now more than ever, Heart Evangelista is prepared to have a baby once again.

The iconic fashion influencer tears up as she opens up about the topic in an interview during a brand event. Facilitating the interview was the TV personality, Boy Abunda. During the segment, the King of Talk asked Heart to complete the sentence, "I would throw a lavish party for..."

Taken aback, Heart couldn't stop her emotions from surfacing when she immediately answered, "If I had a baby... Naiiyak ako."

Asked about the reason for her emotional response, Heart declared that she is now ready to bear a child once again—that everything that has happened to her in the past few years "makes sense now." She emphasized how she had learned a lot from her past experiences and how she feels equipped to be a mother soon.

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"Because I used to question a lot before why I couldn’t (have a baby), and it’s so hard... When you question yourself, a lot of people say things, but when I look back at my life—even the people, the experiences I’ve had, all the hardships of being alone—it makes sense now," Heart explained.

Heart pointed out that now is the best time for her to have a baby. She expressed that she would be able to give more to her future kid. "And I feel like if there is any moment that I should be blessed to have a baby, it should be now because I feel like I'm ready as a person. And I would be able to give more, I would be able to tell her more, and share more.

"I don't pray for it (pregnancy) but I pray for God's will because I'm at peace with that," she concluded.

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heart evangelista talks about a reunion project with heart evangelista

Heart Evangelista's 2018 miscarriage

It was in May 2018 when Heart disclosed her miscarriage story to the public. She and her husband, Chiz Escudero were expecting twins.

During the early stages of her pregnancy, they found out that one of the embryos was underdeveloped, so they had to let go. However, just weeks after, Heart had miscarried the remaining child, whom they named Mira.


By June 2018, Heart briefly talked about her worries in an Instagram live session. She expressed how hopeful she was in overcoming her situation.

"Going through this whole storm, [you realize] that too much sunshine will wither you sometimes. And that sometimes, you need to go through the rain, the storm, [and] you witness God's love... I'm hopeful. I'm just very positive [even] in my situation, that in His time, it will happen," she once proclaimed.

It was also at the time that she announced her indefinite hiatus from work to focus on processing her emotions towards her miscarriage. "I'm starting to move forward. My husband has decided for me that I should leave the country and take a breather, take a break," Heart said.

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero's marriage

Heart and Chiz tied the knot in a chic Balesin wedding on February 15, 2015, exactly a day after Heart's birthday. When Heart first got pregnant, they had been married for three years already.

After the miscarriage, Heart focused on her career and love for fashion. She rose to be one of the top Filipino fashion icons in the industry and has been invited to numerous global events through the years.

Despite the differences in Heart's line of work compared to Chiz's job as a senator and their busy schedules, the couple tried their best to make their relationship work. In 2023, they were rumored to have gone their separate ways. The two remained silent about it and later on uploaded a vlog where they talked about some relationship woes they managed to overcome.

"I hated you for the wrong reasons," the actress candidly shared in the vlog. "I think I looked at you as the enemy when you were actually my guardian angel the whole time. But that's what's so beautiful about you is that you saw me for my everything, through everything—but you were so steady. I thought you were emotionless, honestly. But in the end, you're still here."


Heart and Chiz reportedly announced that they would be renewing their wedding vows this February 2024.

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