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Heart Evangelista Responds To IG User Who Dissed Her For Looking 'Much Older Than Her Age'

Looking old isn't an issue.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista, 34, has charmed many, including big names like shoe designer Christian Louboutin, Crazy Rich Asians writer Kevin Kwan, French label Sequoia, and Hermès exec Michael Coste.

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But success and happiness come with haters. When Heart posted a photo of her all smiles while getting her hair done, Instagram user @ynesaguirre08 just had to criticize the actress.

“Ubanin [gray-haired] ka na, Miss Heart,” said the basher. “Ang yaman mo naman. Why don’t you do something about it? You look much older than your actual age. #justsaying.”

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Heart, no stranger to classy responses in the face of hate, replied, “Hahaha you can try to make me feel bad but it’s just not gonna happen. :) I have self-worth, dear. :)”

Fans were quick to defend Heart too. For instance, user @maveeann23 said, “So what if she has uban? We will all go there. As for @iamhearte, she is aging gracefully, totally living her purpose.”

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Others praised Heart for her reply. “I like your answer,” wrote @marycon_08. “I feel you when someone wants me to feel bad. Your words are [inspiring]. 'Self-worth' it is!”