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Heart Evangelista On Unlearning Excessive Shopping Habits: ‘I had a change of heart’

'I thought buying all of these things would make [me] happy.'
Heart Evangelista Talks About Unlearning Excessive Spending Habits
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista’s life is nothing short of extravagant. Having been from a well-off family (The Ongpaucos own the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants, ICYDK), rubbing shoulders with fellow socialites, and owning an impeccable collection of designer clothing, you would think that money would be the least of Heart’s concerns.

However, the fashion icon also had her fair share of realizations about money… and how you don’t really need *much* to be truly happy. “I used to shop a lot, but I had a change of heart recently,” the 37-year-old actress shared in her recent vlog. “[Now,] I would really just spend on stuff that would sing to me ’til I’m old and gray.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte

Heart is known for her exquisite taste in luxury pieces, and while she used to spend excessively on these material joys, she now emphasizes the importance of only owning ~*investment-worthy*~ buys.

“I’m also all about sustainability lately, so that’s why I just want to buy stuff that I know I can use for a really long time. Eventually, if it doesn’t sing to me anymore, somebody else can use them.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/iamhearte
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The artist admits that there will be a lot of learning and unlearning in the process of breaking her unhealthy spending habits, but she’s at a point where she now finds happiness in the mundane things--like taking photos and simply enjoying her life.

“You look at my closet and it's excessive, extremely excessive [...] I guess I was going through a stage where I thought buying all of these things would make [me] happy, but really it’s just taking photos and enjoying life,” she says. “If you do invest in something, it would be that something that you would love forever.” 

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