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Heaven Peralejo On The Past 'Rollercoaster' Months: 'I'm in the phase of loving myself'

Heaven Peralejo Talks About Loving Herself
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Heaven Peralejo recently talked up about the "rollercoaster" months she's had in an interview with ABS-CBN's Miguel DumaualAccording to the news report, Heaven "declined to address rumors" about her status with Kiko Estrada, but she did joke about being "sawi sa pag-ibig," just like her character in the upcoming series Pasabuy 

For context: Earlier this year, people accused her of being involved in Kiko Estrada and Devon Seron's breakup, which Heaven denied. After months of speculation, Heaven and Kiko confirmed that they were in a relationship, and Kiko clarified that there was no "overlapping" or cheating involved. A week later, breakup rumors surfaced when Kiko unfollowed Heaven and deleted their photos on Instagram. 

heaven peralejo and kiko estrada

"The past few months, I guess it was a rollercoaster. And right now, I'm in the phase of loving myself," Heaven said in the ABS-CBN interview. "No joke. As in, every morning and every night, nandoon ako sa mga affirmations. They say, 'di ba, na 'pag sinasabi mo yan sa sarili mo, parang magnet 'yon e. So 'yon yung magiging buhay moYung mga things na hindi ko alam na kaya kong gawin, nagagawa ko pala, in a good way." 


Heaven Peralejo's response to criticism 

"I'm adapting...trying to learn how to adapt," Heaven shared when asked how she's learned to deal with critics. "For me, 'di ko na lang papa-affect yung [criticism] sa akin, more like I'm gonna find myself and I'm gonna know more about myself. And I'm gonna love myself." 

Heaven said the hurtful things people have been saying about her would not affect her character: "Alam ko naman yung totoo, and my family knows the truth. Iyon lang naman yung pinanghahawakan ko. Basta walang guilty conscience, live life, happy life." 

At present, Heaven says she's enjoying being a devoted fur mom to her two dogs, adding that these days, she's thankful for her life, her family, all the "love and learnings," and her new show Pasabuy

When asked to describe her character in the show, Heaven said: "Si Anna, basically sawi siya sa pag-ibig, kagaya ko. Charot. Si Anna, mayroon siyang support system...and may mami-meet siya na sobrang opposite sa personality niya. Makikita sa istorya na 'yon kung paano sila magja-jive. Kung...ano bang mangyayari, magkakatuluyan ba o hindi?" 

You can watch the full interview here


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