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Hello Kitty Gets A Wonder Woman Makeover

Can she get any cuter?

Wonder Woman won't be shown in Japan until August 25, but Warner Bros. is already paving the way for her over there.

"Warner Bros. has teamed up with Sanrio, the owners of the Hello Kitty brand, to give its iconic character a full-on Wonder Woman makeover," reports

The report notes: "In her Amazonian guise, Hello Kitty shares Diana's long dark hair, boots, body armor and Lasso of Truth, but accessorizes the Thymescrian princess' tiara with her own signature red bow."

Rocket News states that according to Sanrio, this is the first time Hello Kitty has joined forces with a non-Japanese character.

In Japan, fans who book their tickets in advance (starting June 17) will get their choice of a rubber key holder featuring Hello Kitty in Wonder Woman's outfit or a reprint of All Star Comics #8, the 1941 comic where Wonder Woman made her first appearance—as long as supplies last, of course!

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