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Here's A Preview Of Adele's New Song

We weren't even over 'Hello' yet.

Just as we were about 50 percent done with losing our shit over “Hello,” Queen Of All Hugot Songs Adele decides it would be cool to drop a preview of her next song “When We Were Young.”

Skip to 1:30 if you’re not patient:

“This reminds me of when we were young/

Let me photograph you in this life, in case it is the last time/

So it might be exactly like we were before we realized/

We were sad of getting old, it made us restless/

Oh, I’m so mad I’m getting old, it makes me reckless/

It was just like a movie/

It was just like a song/

When we were young.”

“That’s a whole new me,” she says as the preview clip ends. Judging from the snippet, it seems like this song isn’t exactly about ~*love and relationships*~, so yeah, it might be a whole new Adele after all!

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Cannot wait to hear the whole clip!

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