Here's How It Rained Gadgets On Thousands Over Christmas

It was a gadget storm over the holidays!
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Honest question: when was the last time you won anything from a raffle? (God knows when that was! High school, maybe?) As you get older, and as you are exposed to more raffles and win-able prizes, you realize something—these raffles are impossible to win! (Or are rigged!)

Tell that to the winner of Smart’s Share the Joy Gadget Giveaway promo! All they did was renew or sign up for a new Smart Postpaid or Smart Bro Plan to instantly take home some of the coolest smartphones, tablets and, Pocket WiFi devices!

We've heard the testimonials of some of the many winners of Smart’s Share the Joy Gadget Giveaway promo, and amazed at how easily they won! 

“I was just really happy that I would finally get my hands on the new iPhone 6s from Smart,” says Monching Delos Reyes of Valenzuela. “When I claimed my new iPhone, I was made to play the digital prize generator game on a tablet. I was not really expecting anything, so when the letters J-O-Y came out, I could not believe that I just won myself a brand new iPad Air! It was so unbelievably easy!” he says.

Another lucky subscriber, Lloyd Ursal of Makati City, signed up with a new Smart Bro Big Bytes Plan 799. "I was made to spin the digital prize generator and before I knew it, I had already won a brand new Samsung Tab Pro 8.4 tablet, just like that! I was thinking about how my wife and kids would be really happy about it," narrates Lloyd. "Now the whole family uses the device to bond over online games and our common passion for photography."

An Awesome Experience for Subscribers
"More than offering unbeatable postpaid plans, we really go out of our way to give awesome memories to our subscribers. This is very much part of the whole Smart Life experience," says Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid head. 

For more on living the exciting Smart Life, visit and follow Smart’s official accounts on Facebook ( and Twitter (@SMARTCares).

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