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Here's How Snapchat Is Quickly Conquering Your Free Time

This app is addicting.

If you’re super-active with your social media accounts, you’re already aware of the fact that Instagram and Facebook are sooooo yesterday! Snapchat, the picture and video sharing app that allows users to take snippets of their daily lives for their public to see on a limited 24-hour viewing, is slaying it with the kids of today. The reason being: it’s entertaining, lighthearted, and, above all else, fun AF! Here’s how the app with that cute yellow background and ghost icon is quickly conquering your free time.

1. It has turned you (and everyone else) into a broadcaster.

If Facebook has turned netizens into opinionated, self-proclaimed experts, and Instagram made each and everyone of us an image curator, Snapchat has turned anyone with a smartphone into a broadcast journalist…of their boring lives! Gone are the days of the perfect flatlay and fixing your food at a fancy restaurant for the perf top shot. Instead, people record short videos of themselves announcing where they are, what they’re doing, and whom they’re doing it with. Annoying? Maybe, but at least it’s only online for a full day.

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2. You just have to find the best filter combo.

Just like FB and IG before it, you can add slick filters to your picture and video snaps. Not only can you adjust the color scheme with the swipe of your finger, but you can add the time and temperature as well. Want to give it a bit more punch? The speed-levels of your video can be tweaked, too. Top it off with some stickers, text art, and some doodling for a personal touch. Let’s not even get started on those quirky geotags!

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3. AR FTW!

The most popular feature of Snapchat is the augmented reality filters. By simply holding your finger down on the screen where your face appears, you’ll be able to exploit the numerous augmented reality filters that rotate in availability. Feeling like being a cute dog with a slimy tongue? It’s a possibility. Want a Coachella-worthy flower crown on your mane? You can have it. But the most hilariously freaky (and most viral as of late) has been the face swap AR, where a user can trade faces with a friend.

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4. You flip through your squad’s stories like the true Snapchat junkie that you are. 

Seeing how people choose to document their day is really, really, REALLY addictive. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, where every post is well thought out and filtered to perfection, Snapchat’s stories have a raw vibe to them. Since they will disappear anyway, users tend to be more candid with what they choose to snap and, the truth of it is, it’s kind of refreshing.