Here's What Happened During The Cosmo Hunks Office Tour!

Basically we told a couple of working girls they had a Super Important Meeting and led them inside a conference room with Super Hot Hunks.
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This past week, our Cosmo hunks gave female employees the surprise of their lives when they visited 11 offices around the metro. Yep, we pulled five lucky ladies from each office and brought them inside a conference room for a "meeting."

Of course it wasn't just ANY other meeting, because when the girls entered the room, they were surprised to see our hottest Cosmo hunks waiting for themand all the girls' reactions were caught on cam!

The five lucky ladies were given sweet treats—chocolates, balloons, flowers, and VIP access tickets (OMG!) to the Cosmo Carnival happening on September 5 at the MOA Open GroundsSO DARN LUCKY!!!

That’s not all! Loot bags and freebies were also given to other girls in all the 11 offices. Makes you wish you went to work that day now, don’t you?

Check out the gallery below to see everything that happened during the Cosmo Hunks Office Tour! P.S. For more info about the Cosmo Carnival, visit this page.

Cosmo Office Tour 2015

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