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Here's What James Reid Has To Say About The Julia Barretto Issue

'Cut the bullshit. Stop the hate.'

James Reid finally gave a piece of his mind after he was reportedly seen flirting and kissing Julia Barretto at The Bowery in BGC. 

The actor posted his statement on Facebook (which has been deleted) and wrote:

“Give me a break. Does anyone really think I would have sex in a bar/public place... Stupid. If everyone wasn't so gullible I wouldn't even have to be explaining my private life right now. Cut the bullshit. Stop the hate.”

Now, we got that one cleared.

Fan Inah Evans accused James of being "mayabang," after the actor refused to have his photo taken with Inah in The Bowery.

According to, Inah posted on Facebook, "Grabe lang! Kanina my fandom with James Reid ended. So kaninang madaling araw, we were at Reserve Fort and my friend (them knowing I'm a James Reid fan) sent me a text that they were in The Bowery and James Reid was there. Nako sumugod agad ako hahahah.

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“I had one glass of cranberry vodka before we had the confidence to request to take a picture, in the most polite fan way. But we were turned down. I was turned down with these words 'Not today. Maybe next time' and Patrick Sugui apologized. Buti pa siya.

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Hindi ko alam kung anong mahirap sa magpa-picture, e wala naman nang tao du'n sa restaurant. It was just their table, my friends and a couple on another. Parang picture lang, e.”

Inah also added, “Ang yabang lang. Presko ba. Kasi nga famous. And the fact that he's so occupied kissing and flirting Julia Barretto that time. Yes, maybe that's why. Kulang na lang kasi magsex sila sa harapan namin hahahahaha. Real talk Bruh."

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