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Heroic Hunks: Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, And Richard Gutierrez

As strong rains heavily pour, threatening lives and property, we salute the courageous studs who once risked their own safety to help others.

No typhoon has been reported within the Philippine Area of Responsibility, but for all the raging rains and rising floods that have plagued us all day, there might as well have been. As of this morning, the government has ordered cancellation of classes and work in schools, public offices, and the private sector in Metro Manila and in neighboring provinces--a clear sign that this weather should not be taken lightly.

In times of terrible disaster, heroism shines through, as a number of stars showed in 2009 when the extremely devastating Typhoon Ondoy hit. Celebs banded together to conduct relief operations, while others volunteered to man disaster hotlines.

But a handful of personalities grabbed headlines when they actually braved Ondoy's nasty floods to seek out people in dire need of help. Among these were Gerald Anderson, who swam through murky floodwaters to check on neighbors in his village in Quezon City, where the water level had reached as high as the tops of houses' gates. His neighbor, Dr. Divine Rosales-Murao, reported that the actor had made sure she and her three little kids were safe, and even proceeded to check on other families in nearby streets. She later posted photos on Facebook to prove Gerald's heroism.

Meanwhile, Jericho Rosales paddled through another disaster-stricken village in Marikina City using his trusty surfboard, as these photos that surfaced on Facebook show. Don't knock the unlikely mode of rescue; in his surfboard-aided mission, Echo was able to help a boy, an old lady, and even a dog--check out the gallery for proof!

Another heroic hunk is Richard Gutierrez, who hurried to a village in Marikina City via a borrowed speed boat as soon as he heard of the tearful plea his good friend and Patient X leading lady Cristine Reyes had made to ABS-CBN while she and her family were stranded on the rooftop of their house. His knight-in-shining-speed-boat maneuver even made it to the international press!

To all the unsung heroes who have risked their lives to help others--even without a camera to snap their valiant efforts--we take our hats off to you. Here's hoping this weather won't force us to put our heroism to the test as fiercely as Ondoy did.

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