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8 'Hi Bye, Mama!' Stars You Should Follow On Instagram

Because we know you're not over this show just yet.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/_angel_elijah_, (RIGHT) Instagram/290_83

Without a doubt, Hi Bye, Mama! is one of the best dramas we were #blessed with this year. The show follows the story of a Cha Yu Ri (played by Kim Tae Hee), a young mom-to-be whose life was tragically cut short after being involved in an accident while pregnant with her first child. While her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) eventually remarries Oh Min Jung (Go Bo Gyeol) and they raise Yu Ri and Kang Hwa’s daughter, Seo Woo, together. Then, one day, five years after hear death, Yu Ri comes back to life—on borrowed time.

This show made us feel so many emotions—we laughed, cried, got angry, and more. We’re totally adding this to our list of K-dramas to watch over and over again. To help ease our withdrawals from this show, we’ve done some Insta-stalking and rounded up some of our favorite Hi Bye, Mama! cast members you should follow, stat!

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Kim Tae Hee as Cha Yu Ri

Instagram: @kimtaehee99

Hi Bye, Mama! is Tae Hee’s first show in five years. We definitely missed seeing her on our screens!

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Lee Kyu Hyung as Jo Kang Hwa

Instagram: @290_83

Follow Tae Hee’s on-screen husband for some cute behind-the-scenes snaps.

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Go Bo Gyeol as Oh Min Jung

Instagram: @gobogyeol

Honestly, we’re so obsessed with Seo Woo’s gorgeous on-screen eomma! Doesn’t she look like a real-life doll?

Seo Woo Jin as Jo Seo Woo

Instagram: @_angel_elijah_

Did you know that Se Woo was actually played by a little boy? The people behind the show explained that they cast Woo Jin because he looks so much like Kim Tae Hee, and his acting is stable. ICYDK, this actually happens quite often on dramas!

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Kim Mi Kyung as Jeon Eun Sook

Instagram: @kim_mee_kyung

Kim Mi Kyung plays the role of Cha Yu Ri’s eomma who was still coping with the loss—and sudden return—of her daughter.

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Shin Dong Mi as Ko Hyun Jung

Instagram: @dongmi_shin

Dong Mi is Hyun Jung, Yu Ri’s best friend in the whole world—their pregnancies were even aligned.

Lee Jae Woo as Kang Sang Bong

Instagram: @lee_jae_woo_

Jae Woo plays the role of Kang Sang Bong, a famous baseball star whose death shocked the sports world. We got to learn more about his back story as the show progressed.

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Lee Si Woo (Jang Pil Seung)

Instagram: @ lee__s.woo

Jan Pil Seung had one of the most heartbreaking backstories in the series—he lost his entire family to an accident when he was young, and his family has since been watching over him as ghosts, waiting for him to settle down before they could leave Earth.

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