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How To Hide Your Messy Background Without A Green Screen During Video Calls

This app is compatible with many video conferencing apps out there!
PHOTO: istockphoto

Working from home in the time of lockdown has forced many of us to do virtual meetings and conference calls through various apps like Teams, Zoom, and Skype. You have probably scouted locations at home for an ideal background for the live video.

One app will help you remove, replace, or just blur your background even without a green screen. XSplit VCam hides your messy room and maintains your privacy if you don't want others to see where you're working from during a video conference.

You can select from XSplit's suite of background templates which include a cool office space, a beach, and even Malacañang Palace. You may also customize your background and select from your own set of photos. In the following photo, an XSplit user named Ira James used an office background to hide his room.


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Photo: Ira James

"Working from home and joining an online conference with confidence thanks to XSplit VCam giving you nice backgrounds to hide your mess," said James in his caption.

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XSplit is developed by Splitmedialabs, which is based in Hong Kong. It is compatible with many video conferencing apps. Aside from online conferences, the app is also used by gamers when they stream or record their gameplay, job applicants when they have virtual interviews, influencers making online tutorials or videos, and sales agents or customer support during one-on-one online meetings.


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