High Fashion Labels To Follow On Snapchat

Introducing, your new 'best friends.'

Fashion—that glimmering arena of designers and sosy influencers all clad in covetable clothing, may seem worlds or even universes apart from the completely candid social media platform that is Snapchat. Nowadays, however, the fashion set prove to be just as down-to-earth as you and I. Take for example, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner (ok fine, bad example). Although their physical beauty is unattainable for the ordinary human, they still love having girl-hangouts and goofing around backstage at shoots. The latest to join the bandwagon? The fashion labels themselves!

1. Michael Kors 

As one of the brands who are at the helm of social media, Michael Kors "popped up" on the platform by creating a live Story. It was a feast for fans everywhere, as each snap (the models! the clothes! the models!) was 100% Kors fashion. And…Gigi and Kendall were there. #justsayin

Why you should watch out for more stories: Michael Kors always wants to stay true to the #AllAccessKors campaign. So will we expect more live stories to come? Yes, indeed. 

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2. Valentino (maisonvalentino)

During Paris Fashion Week, the maison was entertained by two very prestigious names: Derek Zoolander and Hansel! Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson reprised their Zoolander characters and even closed the show. Oh, what a fun time that would have been if we were there/online. 

Why you should add the brand: Get an all-access pass to cool details like invitation writing (their calligraphy tho…), pre-show setup, and even makeup prep. 

3. Stella McCartney (stellasnapping)

The most memorable sighting at the A/W 2015 show? YEEZUS!!! Paul McCartney made his cameo role too as he was seen supporting his daughter.

Why you should add the brand: She makes different people handle the account each time (her sister at the A/W 2015 show, and Hanneli Mustaparta at the S/S 2016 show). 

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