The 17 Best High School Movies To Make You Nostalgic AF

We're all in this together!

Let's face it: We all love a high school drama filled with actors above the legal drinking age by about 10 years. From football games to lunchroom fights to prom king and queen, high school is filled with enough angst and Hollywood-level theatrics to keep things interesting year after year and movie after movie. From John Tucker Must Die to Lady Bird, enjoy our top 17 picks to make you feel like a teen again (but for only, like, two hours, don't panic):

1. High School Musical

Yes, that Disney film that introduced you to Zac Efron. Don't act like you don't still fantasize about meeting your own Troy Bolton on a New Year's Eve vacation with your family. This film (which BTW is about a random school somehow full of unrealistically talented students) will forever slap.

2. Drive Me Crazy 

Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier become the unexpected high school "It" couple of the year, as Britney Spears' greatest hit plays in the background.

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3. Dope 

Dope got rave reviews for a reason: High school senior Malcolm struggles to find the balance between being a geek, trying to be cool, getting into Harvard, and impressing a girl by going to a party that almost ruins his life. (We've all been there.)

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4. John Tucker Must Die 

Just four bad bitches getting the ultimate revenge on a high school playboy. Watch solely for pleasure or for personal revenge inspo.

5. Bring It On 

This cheerleading classic follows national high school cheer champions the Toros after Torrance (Kirsten Dunst) finds out their winning routines have been stolen from other teams. Cue spirit fingers.

6. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore goes undercover as a high school student only to fall for her new English teacher. It's got everything: '90s fashion, high school cliques, and, of course, the prom.

7. A Cinderella Story

Hillary Duff is fabulous as ever as the school nerd who falls in love with the football star (aka Chad Michael Murray). He's on Riverdale now, if you miss him.

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8. Love, Simon 

Last year's coming of age (and coming out) movie is worth the tears. 17 yo Simon comes to terms with his sexuality while dealing with his family, friends, and the anonymous guy he fell in love with online.

9. The Hate U Give

Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) for prez, plz. After witnessing a close childhood friend get shot and killed by a police officer, Starr is forced to come to terms with how racial identity affects her community...and her relationships with the teens at her white AF private school.

10. The Edge Of Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld's best friend starts dating her older brother (ugh), but don't worry—Woody Harrelson is there to help her figure it all out.

11. Election

Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick, a slightly unethical high school student—who could be a young Madeline Mackenzie, TBH—running for class prez. Oh, and she stages a war with her history teacher, played by Matthew Broderick. Good ol' high school politics.

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12. The Spectacular Now 

Another high school movie about the popular jock going for the "nerdy" girl. (Is this a real thing?) Regardless, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley are still cute AF. We stan.

13. Take The Lead

God, 2000s dance movies were SUCH a time. Antonio Banderas teaches troubled high school kids how to succeed at ballroom dancing and so, so much more.

14. Heathers 

Winona Ryder plays a bad-girl-gone-good who leaves her clique of girls literally all named Heather, and tries to stop her boyfriend from full-on MURDERING people at their high school. It's dark, but that's kind of the point.

15. Can't Hardly Wait 

A classic story about high school seniors throwing an infamous last-day-of-school banger before going off to college. Think American Pie but less creepy.

16. Booksmart

Yet another end-of-high-school-extravaganza film, Booksmart is Olivia Wilde's directorial debut about two academics who try to make the most of their last night before graduation.

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17. Lady Bird

Yes, that movie everyone's been talking about for the past, like, two years. If you haven't seen Lady Bird yet, honestly IDK what you've been doing.


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