The Highest Paid YouTubers In The World Might Surprise You

Mainly because you're probably not THAT familiar with them.

A new report about the the highest earning YouTubers through merchandise and ad revenue by brand merchandise experts, Purple Moon Promotional Products, has revealed some unexpected names.

The YouTuber who earned the most money this year was 29 year-old Brighton, England resident, Pewdiepie, who despite his many controversies, is allegedly earning a whopping $8M per month—which is almost $98M a year.

But the surprising news is that all the names we expected to see (Logan Paul, Jeffree Star et al) are nowhere to be found. Earlier this year Jeffree Star tweeted that his latest makeup range was beginning to sell out just five minutes after release. Meanwhile, Jake Paul garnered endless attention when he staged a (fake) wedding to Tana Mongeau in July. But when it comes to actual earnings as a YouTuber, through merch and ad revenue, this list is a confusing bunch of what-his-names.

Purple Moon calculated earnings using software called Sellfy, nicknamed the "YouTube money calculator," which estimates a person's ad revenue based on their views per month alongside YouTube's average ad payout–which is anywhere between $0.25 and $4 per 1,000 views.

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So who tf are these very rich randoms?

  1. Pewdiepie

    He apparently earns... $8M (P414.56M) per month

    How he makes his money: He's got more subscribers than we have GoT finale complaints—that's 100 million to be exact, and advertisers love to throw money his way as a result. Plus, he sells huge amounts of merch including branded clothing, which he sells from his own website meaning that YouTube doesn't get a cut.

    Adressing the Rumours..

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  2. Dude Perfect

    They apparently earn... $3.8M (P178.58M) per month

    How they make their money: The five men do (quite impressive, actually) tricks on camera which garner a whole lot of views meaning a ton of money in advertising and sponsorship.

    Real Life Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

  3. VanossGaming

    He apparently earns... $2.5M (P133.94M) per month

    How he makes his money: The voice behind the animated characters is Evan Fong, a Canadian gamer who plays games like Call of Duty online and has 23.9M subscribers.

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  4. DanTDM

    He apparently earns... $2.5M (P133.94M) per month

    How he makes his money: British gamer Daniel Middleton is best known for his gaming videos which show him playing, usually, Minecraft or Fortnite on camera. He's also completed a tour and has a range of merchandise.

    I'm in a DISNEY MOVIE!

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  5. JuegaGerman

    He apparently earns... $2.2M (P114.80M) per month

    How he makes his money: He's a Chilean YouTuber and musician and he's also the voice of Julian in the Spanish version of Ice Age: Collision Course. A lot gets made on merch sales compared to ad revenue. He has many t-shirts.

    TERRIBLES LIFE HACKS Para Ser Un Espia !!

  6. Markiplier

    He apparently earns... $2M (P108.42M) per month

    How he makes his money: The Hawaii native has had a YouTube channel since 2012 and specializes in playing PS4 games online to his 22.4M subscribers. He's also been on a tour of North America this year, signed a seven-figure brand deals and released an athleisure line, according to Forbes.


  7. Collins Key

    He apparently earns... $2M (P108.42M) per month

    How he makes his money: He's a magician and former America's Got Talent finalist. In a day, his channel gets an average of 4.5M views, which, if you fancy doing the math (we don't) is an absolute bucket-load of ad revenue. Plus, he has an unusually varied range of merchandise including phone accessories, stickers, and clothes.

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  8. Atta Halilintar

    He apparently earns... $1.6M (P82.91M) per month

    How he makes his money: Atta is Indonesia's number one YouTuber with 18.5M subscribers, which equals to a lot of views and a lot of ad revenue. Aside from his prank-heavy YouTube channel, he's also an actor and rapper with his own official online store.


  9. jacksepticeye

    He apparently earns... $1.6M (P82.91M) per month

    How he makes his money: Sean McLoughlin is Ireland's most popular YouTuber and is another star of the platform who commentates video games. According to Forbes, he's also worked on a series for Disney and has other partnerships in the works.


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  10. Smosh

    They apparently earn...  $1.6M (P82.91M) per month

    How they make their money: They're an American comedy sketch pair called Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox and their main channel has more than 8B views. The brand has also expanded to include several channels serving lots of interests. Diversification at its finest.



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