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Why It's 'Highly Unlikely' Meghan And Harry Will Name Their Baby Daughter Diana

Okay, this actually makes a lot of sense.
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced that they're expecting a baby daughter (!!!!) during their bombshell interview with Oprah, and naturally, there is already speculation they'll name her Diana, after Harry's late mother.

However, a source tells Page Six that's unlikely to happen because the couple worries it could increase public interest in their child. "They are highly unlikely to call their daughter Diana. Their biggest concern is that it would make her a bigger target for the media and considerably increase public interest in the child’s life," the source says. "Whatever anybody thinks, Harry and Meghan do value their privacy and want to shield their children from the intense media pressure they have endured."

On top of that, the couple worries the name "would place too much pressure on the child and make everything difficult, from enrolling her in school to travel. And they want her to find her own way in life."

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That said, "They might consider Diana as a middle name, but Princess Charlotte already has Diana as a middle name, and Harry and Meghan have not enjoyed the feeling they have been compared to—and pitted against—William and Kate in the media and by the palace."

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Meghan recently confirmed that her due date is this summer, so fans won't have to wait too long to find out what name they pick. Meanwhile, Harry told Oprah how he felt upon learning he's having a daughter, saying, "Just grateful. To have any child, any one or any two, would have been amazing. But to have a boy and then a girl, I mean, what more can you ask for? Now we’ve got our family, we got the four of us and our two dogs."

So sweet! 


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