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Love Home Makeovers? These YouTube Channels Are Perfect For You

Warning: You’ll probably spend *hours* binge-watching their videos!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/elleuydecor; (RIGHT) Instagram/mrkate

Growing up, one of my favorite things to watch were home makeover shows. I loved the backstories of the people featured on the shows, the time limit they had to complete a renovation, the design process, and of course, the grand reveal where a lot of tears were usually shed. These shows always left me feeling good and inspired.

I haven’t watched a home makeover show in years, but I’m happy to have found several YouTube channels with the same awesome content. If you enjoy watching dramatic home redecorations and makeovers, hit subscribe to these channels ASAP:

Mr. Kate

Perhaps one of the most-watched home makeover channels on YouTube, Mr. Kate features some of the best home projects you’ll ever see. They also worked on Jeffree Star’s home spa!


Elle Uy Décor

Pinay designer Elle Uy will easily become one of your favorite YouTubers. She does furnishing and redecorating projects and the results are always amazing. In 2019, she redecorated Rei Germar’s bedroom. Check out the transformation below:

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House Room Tour

If you love the look of Korean homes, this channel is perfect for you! You'll be moving things around your home in no time.

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Three Birds Renovations

Their videos almost feel like episodes from the TV shows we used to watch. You’ll also get awesome tips from them.

Carissa Cleans It All

Although she’s fairly new to YouTube, her videos are all super entertaining. Watch her do a DIY renovation on her small kitchen:

Living to DIY with Rachel Metz

You can expect to enjoy various amazing DIY projects in this channel.

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